Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Replacement $15 *Glass Only* | How to Repair Cracked Phone


Show you what qualifies for a glass one repair work in my store? Lets grab this one.

You see how its type of lifting, so its still sort of stuck down here but, like I said once I put this in the freezer and the glass comes, the glass is gon na. Come right off then, at that time there would be no adhesive down here.

Okay, lets. Just get this began fine, so this is one of the initial steps on how to recondition this phone or this screen after youve secured the insides of the phone, youre gon na require a hot plate like this.

That didnt wish to come off from their freezer, however I can simply get [Music] like this, and when it falls out, I can simply video game it off all right. Heres. Our third [Music,] [, Music,], [, Music,], [Applause,], [, Music,], [, Music,], [, Music,], [, Music,], and this one is done glasses off theres a little bit best here.

Now I will take this thicker part off, so this glass right here has lots of glue right here. So I get this and then I align it with a little ear. Speaker mesh just like this feel it with my fingers and I just push down and then so Ill, just touch all the method through the right just directly down the middle as best as I can, since this still has to go into the Laminating machine and the debugger device.

Im gon na get the rest of the repair tomorrow, so youll, be seeing a different attire on tomorrow. Ill. Look all Im gon na do is just get rid of the glue off of this screen, and after that Im gon na show you men how I get a 15 dollar piece of glass and reglue it back on right here and you Guys are gon na see the remainder of the review.

Well, so well, see how it looks right now its. Perfect, not one its, my fingerprint right there. Let me clean this down real fast hold on all right everybody. This is a perfect task check that out see from the side.

So then I can just take it out right. Oh so Im gon na do one Im gon na do another okay, so this is gon na, be the 3rd one that Im gon na be dealing with and, as you see it,s, split up here primarily on the top left, so this one looks like I can lift this one out of the screen after I loosen it up.

I dont understand where its at right now, but heres. The wire this wire – Im speaking about right here. I have it in this cleaning mold, as you people have seen in plenty of my other videos, so I put it back in its frame and now its prepared to go.

Lets. Theres a little bit thats left right here.

Just gon na get the wire, and Im simply gon na get under the glass and simply skim the rest of this glass off. But as you people see, no black bleeding areas and no color lines, no display damage whatsoever.

Just gon na reveal you a few of these. My store is closed right now, as you men can see its. My store actually closes at 6 o clock, so Im, most likely gon na movie.

Everything works, great, see that out of the frame, so Im gon na reveal you people how to laminate one. If you guys desire to see another, this isnt really like a training video.

Im gon na put it in the freezer, and after that the glass is gon na come off. Once the glass is all off, Ill, be able to just raise it out of the frame that makes sense to you men may. Simply do this one too, to sort of show you people.

If I cant get it off. What you see here are the three Samsung Galaxy S: 9 screens that I was working on and they have the glue.

Im gon na utilize this one right here, oops this cleansing one. I have two different sizes, however Im gon na utilize a smaller sized one, all right, lets.

I understand you guys want to see it there we go. Lets. Let this one boot up a little bit there.

Now we have our last one right here. One – and you people remember this one – this one was the one with the circle cracks. Considering that this is covered in glue once I get the glue off, that stuff will disappear because its, just leaving the imprints of the glass marks that were on there, but thats on the glue and there we go Samsung Galaxy S 9 and glass taken off with a freezer.

Okay boom. There you go if the screen is simply extremely sticky cuz, the screen is covered in glue right now, all right, lets. Get to these two Samsung Galaxy S: nine [, Music,] There we go no display damage theres, a piece of glass thats just left right on there right here.

See that see. If you can see that there you go theres, just a little tiny bit right here, however Im. Lets test all these screens.

Alright, so I took this out. You can just go directly down the middle alright, so we have this touching simply basically just straight down the middle and then what we do now is we simply stick it in the laminator maker and then we take it out of here and then we put It right in the debugger machine after this all right, so this is done now and, as you men see, the bubbles are, a few of the bubbles are still there, but they primarily got drawn out by this maker and then what you do is you just put it In here this is actually the autoclave, and this is the what they call daddy bubbler maker right here.

Simply gon na do two screw it. Do the other one in a little bit all right, so Im gon na begin. My timer and then Im gon na offer it about 5 minutes or so, and then were gon na check on them.

So this one, the glass still offers us support considering that its, not severely split, this one, given that this one is really harmed. Im gon na loosen it up, but Im. Not gon na in fact lift the screen out of the frame.

This is a Galaxy S. Nine reconditioned screen looks identically brand name brand-new, best, ideal, ideal, not even a speck of a bubble anywhere all right, so Im gon na wrap it up you guys. This is how you repair a Galaxy S 9 screen for $ 15 15 bucks.

Oka sheets like this, these are complimentary for those of you men, do not understand. Oka stands for optically, clear adhesive, so these are essentially dry glue sheets and what you do is you glue you laminate a glue sheet on to the glass like this, and then you place it onto the screen like this, and then you put it in a machine And then thats, the entire procedure of doing a full glass only repair.

Lets, let this cool off and lets. Just inspect on this one to see there is that a person sort of have that little circle cracks right here. Let this cool off! Alright, you guys this was the one that I simply took out of the frame you see its.

Now theyre considered now and lets. Get this started. You men remember this one, the one that this was the screen. I was like very split and jacked up and I didnt, raise it out. You guys still can see on the side here thats, simply a little dirt right, however lets fire it up.

I just desired to show you people the kind of the procedure that I do so Ill. Put this back in here Ill. Do my final cleansing, Ill, align it right in here alright, so I did one last wipe down of cleaning of the screen.

I imply youre gon na see the rest of the repair tomorrow, alright, so it is now the following day. As you can see, Im using something else, alright, so generally what Im gon na do – is Im, going to remove all this glue, thats all over the screen, plus this glass? Thats left right here, which Im gon na utilize the wire to leave.

If you men wish to inspect it out, if you people want to have a look at the subjects go down in there check the link in the description and Ill, see you guys on the next video peace, [, Music,] Source: Youtube

It is, and theres a screen right here, so Im gon na do these on a couple more so this one actually isnt like its, not really that cracked. So I had the ability to take this out of the frame, typically when I leave them in the frame like, for example, let me show you one okay, so, for instance, you see the distinction of this one, the cracks on this phone and then the fractures on this Phone you see how this one is simply extremely ruined right: its.

I do is lay this on here. Ill. Let it rest on there for like a good, four or five minutes, and then well start with the process of chilling out all this adhesive all right. Now this screen has been on here for like a great like 4 minutes now, and this screen its pretty hot.

What this hot plate does? Is its gon na heat up the adhesive thats in between the screen in this metal frame, and its gon na. Allow me to take this out due to the fact that Im gon na be doing out a frame technique, so alls.

The screen is still excellent. You see theres, no black bleeding areas or anything like that anywhere. The thing is what I wanted to show you people. That was various with this one. Im, not gon na raise the screen out of the frame like I finished with this one.

As soon as again Im gon na skim. That off with the wire, as you guys see, whatever is good, tidy, great all white background. The screen is still covered in glue, however, as you see, the screen still works.

One – and you guys remember this one – this one was the one with the circle fractures. Im gon na use this one right here, oops this cleansing one.

Alright. Im gon na leave. It right here on this part since its getting late in here and my store is closed and Ive, remained in here for a little while showing this to you guys. So Im gon na select up this.

These pieces of glass just cost me $ 15. So you see all these screens right here. Theyre, all gon na get brand-new glasses on them for 15 bucks each thats. Just how much it costs me to refurbish these screens. Lets fire a few of these up and Ill.

So from experience on this phone, I think, if I raise it out of the frame, the screen is gon na get damaged. What Im gon na do on this. One is loosen. It up leave it in the frame put it in the freezer.

Lets! Let this one boot up boom! Okay, there you go so this one has all the glass removed on all of it see. Do you see any display screen damage on here? No screen damage on here whatsoever, Samsung Galaxy S 9 boom.

All right! This thing is now done. Well release the pressure thats built on there, so well, see how it looks. If theres like any little tiny bubbles left. What you can do is you, can just put it right back in and do those autoclave D bubbler maker once again and probably the bubbles all come out.

Just inspect on this one to see there is that one kind of have that little circle fractures right here. Those look at this one, fine, so this ones all done this ones. Heres, the other one lets see so you see this one.

Lets turn this on genuine fast, see, galaxy s 9, however the screen is all broken up here on the top left and kind of in the middle area, but as youll see when this phone boots up. So here you see theres, no display screen damage, no screen damage indicates no black bleeding spots or colored lines fluctuating the screen.

We go great, tidy, white background, alright, so lets simply start on this one too [Music] all right this ones done, as perhaps you men may have discovered this one was a little bit tougher since I think this Tool got underneath this adhesive thing right here all right, so this one is done.

Re done theyre prepared both see how they look. Those appearance at this one, okay, so this ones all done this ones. The glass is totally off with it today. Heres, the other one lets see so you see this one.

What I do currently have 3 right here: screens that currently have the oka sheets currently laminated on them right here. Generally, I have a is, as my alignment mold, I simply grabbed a Galaxy S.

Lets just start this out of frame technique on this one, so how this procedure works. I simply utilize this 91 % alcohol that I bought at the grocery shop.

You men saw me, do it and all the other ones that I have more than here on the table. I simply wish to speed this video up, because I require to get going with this and I require to go home. So if this video helps you men out in any method drop me a like on this video compose in the comments, if you have any concerns about any of this process, I likewise have a mobile phone repair course link in description.

Its, nearly all done in this location on the bottom. Its still stuck there and on the bottom right. This ones almost done, but this one in fact is done. Were gon na. Do this today, [Music] out of the frame r82 ready for me to go.

Let me turn this on genuine, quick since its. Not it does, since it does not have like fractures all at the bottom or anything like that. I believe I can just loosen this screen up out of the frame, and after that I can just carefully lift this out there.

Nine screen 9 I place it position here right back ideal the frame and then I use this utilize align the glass, so it fits perfectly over completely screen. So you see this ear speaker mesh, hold hole right here, and you see this right here, the little you just align it like this and you just lay it on top of the screen like that, and then you take this thing out like this and then you Place it into the laminating device, you men get that alright, people so simply to get this video going program you people that this works fine, see full white background.

All you do, is you put this in here and you can put numerous of these in here. You can pit three 5, 6 of them in here at a time, however I kind of want to simply accelerate this video real, fast and well, be back when this is done right here.

Probably gon na do half the video today and half the video tomorrow. Perhaps youll, see me wearing a various shirt with a various watch in my shop. I charge 175 dollars for this, however the glass, let me show you cuz, Im gon na, be repairing these screens.

Were gon na check on them, both at the same time and see what the if one is one glass of separating and perhaps one is doing it and the other one is not so about 5 to five and a half minutes. Well, go inspect up on them all right, so we are here at the 5 minute 45 second mark and we are gon na check up on the screens and see how I dont know if they

Although I do is bad this in this little bottle. Right here and after that this assists the adhesive get eliminated. Lets. Get this going [, Music] All right, you men! As you can see, I took it out of the frame there.

Hey whats up men in todays? Video, Im gon na show you guys how to fix Samsung Galaxy S, nine fracture screens for $ 15 each all of these phones right here are all Samsung Galaxy S. 9 screens right here, alright, so what Im gon na show you men today is how I get this broken glass off utilizing a freezer and after that re gluing, a brand-new 15 dollar Samsung Galaxy S, 9 glass gluing it right back on there and Its, gon na look brand name brand-new.

So theres, not actually a particular time that you put these in the freezer. It can take five minutes in the freezer ten minutes in the freezer. I even had some seriously that theyve, remained in here for like 15 minutes, or so they get the other one.

What you men see here is all Samsung Galaxy S 9 streams. All of these, the display screens are all good. Simply only the split glass on each and one of these, so theres, probably like 15 of these screens here that you can see, but in todays.

So I can show you men with a Galaxy S, nine utilizing the freezer alright, so I have three of these screens, but I believe I might just fit hold on. Let me just start putting them in the freezer. Heres, one and you go get the other one.

Out of the frame its, the same one with the circle cracks. Heres, the background theres, no red burnin background, so Im gon na refurbish this, so alright.

So lets. Get this one began: [Music,], [, Music,], [, Music,] all right! So this ones done its own. As you guys see, I chilled out all the adhesive in here, but I didnt, pull it out. I didnt.

Alright, so a simple method is you simply go on the call screen and put a white background, and you see its, great and white. Im gon na reveal you the procedure of most likely a few of these. Im. Since theyre just gon na take too long right, not gon na show all 15 of these.