Repair cracked cell phone screen for $10?


This is stretch it from that stretches like that. Lets, see for you to see it. Okay see, you can see a little bit. Thank you something hit it right there and its just split out all throughout today. You see do not, be immature.

You know what I still see the fracture I still see, however I inform you what I did make a little bit much better right here utilized to be a little worse right there, fine, great! Well, then closing people get a screen protector thats.

Develop something similar before a fall, I believe it can be done. Begin fixing glass, you can repair glass. You must be able to do exact same thing with a phone. Why not somebody out there, guy, somebody out there come on with an innovation.

You understand you understand another thing I do, you understand share the video, however Ill, be back like the video Ill, be back Mariza stretches and well get going on repairing the screen. Alright, I am back. Ive read the guidelines.

Either you will see fracture is bad, Hey! Well, a bit of a distinction. You see the fracture, I believe its still see it, but not as bad. Oh, no it did it appeared screen. It did not repair the screen.

How can I fix this without spending no money, not when she will pick it, due to the fact that if he does not wish to, I wish to get rid of this phone and after that it gon na deserve nothing without any crack screen so yeah summer research study directions, real quick! You understand begin simply sort of like good and you need to see the results of using windshield choose it fix, broken screen, hi didnt desire favor, though you know, yeah any comments.

Im, going to be looking at it from a 45 degree angle, making sure that the crack is vanishing. The link for this phone.

Anything like that wont talk with me. Anything struck me up in the comment area. I do not play that every comment this cuz, I believe I know subscribe. I replay every comment. So we can you come breathing however yet struck that subscribe, however I can get a couple more customers.

They didnt, go all the way to the edge of the phone. Because it was curved at the at the end of the phone bunch of malarkey, for some reason he said I didnt go to the edge. You got some scream things available now currently cracked.

There you go, you can see a little better. Take insurance to make a claim its $ 200 to get the screen fixed.

I had a screen fitting for this phone, however I got a window when this phone first came up, so the screen protector that they had were horrible because they would not.

You may wish to purchase for low-cost holiday. Im, so $ 200 harlot take. What was wrong is simply split right here and a house button. Some flow, these Galaxy s7 s with the home button cuz. I got a buddy that also has a goatee.

This video is about fixing the phone screen or the screening of a phone that has actually been cracked and this. Well, this phone status and circulation about 15 minutes well scrape this resin off thing.

That said his phone is doing the very same thing on the home button. You see that scratch this up so yeah thats. Something wrong this phone so strike me. I would comment you understand share this video help me out: [, Music,] Source: Youtube

Its! Its less than $ 100 to prepare myself, but Im great, repairing stuff, absolutely nothing. So Im, not even gon na try, so thats. What Im, not great, repairing electronics. I should say I cant repair with a number of things, but thats myself.

They had this squandered this stuff. Lets, require forty five-degree. Did it disappear? Oh snap, look like he might Ve disappeared. Oh snap! Do this once again, though I wan na ensure if I tinker this phone it do not matter.

You know it may already be anyone searching for, he may already be. No. You cant yeah everyone discussing. Ill, be back. Ill, be back in about 10 minutes all right. Well, this phone status and circulation about 15 minutes well scrape this resin off thing.

Give me a brand-new phone anyways I fit that was too quick. Cut this video out, I move this phone to the sunshine.

I got it something like I think what I could see the proper I do not believe this is gon na work. Somebody needs to come up with this mission set things.

I repeat it did not repair screen. If y all go any way of repairing the screen much easier for you. No $ 200, a pedestrian special will not, get rid of this phone Garritys phone soon.

The very best thing to do simply get a screen protector. You understand have to stress about this broken see. Screens funny. I had a screen fitting for this phone, but I got a window when this phone initially turned up, so the screen protector that they had were dreadful because they would not.

For some reason he stated I didnt go to the edge since it was curved at the at the end of the phone lot of malarkey. No $ 200, a pedestrian unique wont, get rid of this phone Garritys phone quickly.

In closing, let me inform you something: they do not work. Actually its made a little bit of a difference, though I do not notice it as much the crack made a bit of a difference. Let me get rid of this all right.

Well, put one of these strips on there and then put it in the Sun for five to ten minutes, wipe off the excess resin. We must be great. Oh snap, look at it did you inform Im doing this, all thats wrong.

Alright, so lets begin off. Inform you what surface alright fundamental say: Im gon na cut this off cut the pointer of the tune. We are going to discrete squeeze to repair what resin into this fracture all the method throughout well, be looking at.

Well, hello, people: this is your guy chef coming at you with another video. This video is about fixing the phone screen or the screening of a phone that has been cracked and this. This is a galaxy s, so the phone the screen has been cracked.

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